Social Media and Social Networking.

Starting out, total new frontier for me which seems very exciting. Have already started with Facebook and Twitter in class for the 1199 sections and they have loved it so far. Am still contemplating the useof blog’s in 1199 thinking it might be a bit of overkill or too early for a first year course, as facebook and twitter need considerable time management on mine and the student’s behalf, but will defnitely invite all to view and comment on my blog postings as soon as i can get some thoughts and writings together.

Thanks again to Andrea Niosi for introducing these exciting developments to the department at yesterday’s session, hope to start applying them one step at a time. I really liked the concept of Hootsuite, googledocs, googlereader, delicious, dropbox,, to name some. I liked the way how Andrea illustrated better time management of some of these applications through Hootsuite, as well as their integration.

I look forward to blogging.

Have a great weekend!



About imranraza

Marketing Professor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Areas of interest, International marketing, Advertising, Consumer Behavior and Small business.
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5 Responses to Social Media and Social Networking.

  1. Blake Knoll says:

    I like using youtube in class to appreciate smart advertising and clever marketing. I think spending too much time can be very counter productive though. I do not personally like using Facebook to connect to a teacher though just because it is a very public announcement whatever is being discussed. I would prefer for class participation using Facebook and for personal stuff use email. Overall it is a good idea to use social media to stay up to date with students and relevant content. This approach is new and different and in time this will be standard for student teacher interaction outside of class.


    • imranraza says:

      Thanks for the feedback Blake, on face book you can also send me private msgs. and i can reply back so it is not public, and you may also use e-mail for contacting me with any issues etc.


  2. Rob Niven says:

    Nice blog set up Imran very clean and appealing! Gotta love wordpress!


    • Rob Niven says:

      I wanted to point out how nice of a change it was to openly use social media as a teaching tool since we are always going to be surrounded by it. I was exposed to a whole new way to look at the social media platform beyond just chatting with our friends. It is a advertising and marketing goldmine.


  3. imranraza says:

    Thanks for the feedback Rob, am continuing to use Social Media with a lot of Success in the classroom.


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