Looking forward to the Spring Semester.

Looking forward to the spring semester to really kickstart on my blog, in area’s related to Consumer Behaviour, Advertising and of course my favourite, Social Media.

Please do post comments and ask questions, to all my students in Advertising and Consumer Behaviour for the coming Spring Semester.

Have a great and enjoyable semester.

Please also follow me on facebook at Imran Mrkt or imranraza2011@gmail.com and Twitter @Imrankwantlen



About imranraza

Marketing Professor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Areas of interest, International marketing, Advertising, Consumer Behavior and Small business.
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2 Responses to Looking forward to the Spring Semester.

  1. imranraza says:

    Am using Facebook in all sections this spring 2011 for class participation as well as class discussion. Is going quite well In the Advertising and Consumer behaviour class as well as Intro. to Marketing.
    The Superbowl spurred a lot of activity in the way of the ads being posted ensuing in class analysis and discussion.
    Twitter seems to be not all that popular and am mainly using it to make announcements about coming events and hints for quizzes etc.


  2. Etta Kwong says:

    Here we are, towards the end of the Spring semester. I really enjoy having all the in class activity that we had such as the use of many social media. Keep up with the good work Imran, this is such a great advertising course I really enjoy how the class could look at many different ad through facebook and then discuss about it afterwards.


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