Mobile Marketing Strategy


Mobile marketing has gathered great momentum over the past decade and marketers will ignore its enormous potential in reaching their target market at their own peril. The ability to reach market segments anytime anywhere through mobile marketing is what really makes it essential to be part of the firms overall marketing strategy.

It is important to understand that having a mobile marketing strategy is more than a firm developing a mobile optimized site or app it could also include mobile channels such as mobile wallets. mobile advertising and SMS strategy.

Mobile users are increasingly looking for quick responses and advice to their immediate needs leading to product and services solutions, for example “can mosquito repellent be sprayed on a 1year old” they want a specific bite sized information instead of detailed description, charts, graphs, videos etc Google refers to these as “micro moments”.

In order to satisfy time starved customers efficiently firms need to anticipate their queries and formulate bite sized responses that satisfy the vast majority while they are on the move. This will require some consumer research and analysis of most frequent concerns faced by the target market.

QR codes are also an efficient way to reach customers as part of a firms mobile strategy. Consumer experience can be streamlines by getting information specific to their needs through shortcuts taking them to  specific targeted content  enabling them to make product and price comparisons while in store.

Hyper-localized marketing or geofencing can also be an effective part of your mobile strategy targeting narrowly at specific communities and neighborhoods and streets as well. Store apps can be a good way of directing traffic to stores with promotions and coupons that can be activated within a radius of  a few kilometers. Wal-Mart has effectively integrated its store app to ease customer shopping and also enhance their sales and productivity., with customers using the app in “Store mode” to locate products and make comparisons using QR signage. The store is also able to monitor customer walking patterns through the store enabling more efficient product/aisle placement. The effort has resulted in customers using the app making two additional visits to the store monthly and spending 40%more in store. Walgreens also developed a follow up app that allows clients to fill their prescriptions by scanning the bar code as well as reminding them to take their medication on time increasing the stores productivity.

Proper keyword usage  strategy is vital for mobile marketing. You need to include your local area in conjunction with your key words as people are typically shopping locally within a 8 kilometer radius of their residence.

The potential in mobile marketing through  SMS is growing and also proving more effective than e-mail with an open rate of 90% compared to 28% for e-mail. The average click-through rate for text marketing messages is 36% compared to 6% for e-mail campaigns.  Rewards, incentive and discounts can enable stores to get more customers to sign up for SMS marketing.

A big number of firms are still missing the mobile  boat or have a weak presence in place for their brands. So to conclude, mobile marketing has the ability to reach your customer anywhere, anytime and as more and more make the mobile mind shift companies need to make their mobile strategy match the customers needs and habits.

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Marketing Professor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Areas of interest, International marketing, Advertising, Consumer Behavior and Small business.
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